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Things To Check Before Renting A Beachfront Villa

Do you think booking and renting a villa is an easy thing to do? Sometimes, it is more complicated since tenants need to be aware of every little detail. Why so? Of course, to avoid any problem. It happens in many accommodations, even for a beachfront villa Bali. That is why you got to do these initial checks before taking the deal.

Things You Will Need To Check Beforehand

1. The Safety Equipment

Don’t be scared to ask or check about the safety equipment. Whatever it is, be sure you are safe and sound during your stay. So, check some equipment such as the smoke detector, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguisher, and anything. If you find it missing, request it to the landlord and make sure the device will work during your stay.

2. Windows And Light

Not many people pay attention to the light or window, but it can be crucial for your safety, security, and experience. Having a good amount of natural light can be a good option to enjoy Bali nature. But, you also need to make sure the light work during the night. Check the lock and see if it works perfectly.

3. Bathroom And Water Plumbing

Check the beachfront villa Bali bathroom and water plumbing situation. It is a no-brainer since you will eventually need a working toilet, shower, and sink. Try turning the taps and see if nothing wrong with it. It is not only about water availability but also water pressure and hygiene. Everything should work as it should be.

4. Kitchen Appliance

Since you are renting a villa, you are bound to have access to the kitchen. Whether you want to use it or not, you better check everything working correctly. Check everything from the oven, refrigerator, stove, to sink. In this case, there are times that the visual is deceiving. So, check the performance, or else you might accuse of a broken appliance and pay more.

5. Floor, Carpets, And Walls

Do the same thorough inspection on the walls, carpets, and floor. beachfront villa Bali comes in many situations and probably stands for years with different customers every time. There is bound to be damaged in every place. So, if you found damage in the walls, carpets, or floor, you can address it to the management. It will help you get the best or avoid stupid scams.

Checking the location can be done during inspection. In many cases, you don’t have many times or options to do it. But, you can check it one more time before the handover process. The reason to check everything is to avoid any problems and misfunctions. So, your holiday will not get disturbed by it.

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